Touchscreen canvas reference

Learn what every button on the touchscreen canvas does

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Wondering what any of the buttons or icons on the touchscreen canvas do? This reference guide will answer your questions. Follow the links to learn more about each feature.

Top menu bar

Starting from the top left of the canvas and moving right, you'll find the following:

Space name

This is the name of the current space. Tapping > reveals details about the space. You can update a space's name and description in the mobile and desktop apps.

Start Teams call

Tap this button to start a Microsoft Teams call within the space.



The timer helps you keep your meetings focused and on time.


Here, you can adjust the speaker volume for a more comfortable user experience.

Join remotely

This button generates a QR code and a URL for the space. Share these with participants so they can join the space on their devices.

Back to dashboard

Done working or need to step away from a session? Use this button to save and close a space.

Bottom tool bar

Moving to the bottom of the canvas, from left to right, you'll find:

Undo and redo

Use the undo button to revert an action or the redo button to reinstate it.


In the toolbox, you'll find a set of tools designed to enhance your productivity.

From left to right, these include:

Selection tool

Use the selection tool to highlight and select specific elements within your workspace.

Drawing tool

Unleash your creativity and annotate freely using this versatile drawing tool.

Note tool

Use the note tool to create notes and collaborate from the touchscreen.

Writing tool

The writing tool allows you to type on the canvas.

Shape tool

Use the shape tool to add shapes to the canvas.


Look for this icon when you need assistance. Tapping it opens a QR code that you can scan and go directly to our support portal.


Use the zoom menu to return the canvas size to the screen size or zoom in or out on your work as needed.

Space inbox

This is the space's virtual mailbox. Here you can receive notes, images, videos, and other files for use in your space.

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