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Getting started with the NodesNow touchscreen
Getting started with the NodesNow touchscreen

Follow this guide to try out the NodesNow touchscreen for the first time

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Just getting started with NodesNow? This guide will walk you through your first session on the touchscreen. You'll draw, erase, send notes from the mobile app, and move them around the canvas. Along the way, you'll gain skills that you can apply to other tasks.

1. Create a space

Collaboration in NodesNow takes place in spaces. To create one:

  • Tap GET STARTED on the touchscreen dashboard.

2. Draw

After the space opens, you're ready to start. Let's begin by drawing.

  1. Tap the pencil on the toolbox to open the drawing menu.

  2. In the drawing menu, tap the color and line thickness of your choice.

  3. Tap anywhere on the canvas to start drawing.

3. Erase

At some point, you'll probably want to erase a line or two. Here's how:

  1. In the canvas toolbox, click the selection tool.

  2. Tap the drawing you want to remove.

  3. Tap the trash can icon.

    Regret an erase? Just tap the redo icon to restore your drawing.

Now that you've taken the drawing tool for a test drive, feel free to try out the other tools in the canvas toolbox. Then it's time to see the heart of collaboration in NodesNow: sending content to the space and arranging it on the space's canvas.

4. Send a note to the space

In NodesNow, both in-room and remote meeting participants can send content to a space. If you're at the board, you can then take that content and use it in the space. To see how it's done, let's send a note from a web browser on a mobile device. Here's how:

1. On the touchscreen canvas, tap JOIN REMOTELY to display the space's invitation QR code and URL.

2. Scan the QR code with your mobile device's camera. This will open the space in your mobile browser.

3. On the NodesNow sign-in screen, tap Continue as a guest.

4. In the space's waiting room, input the space's PIN and tap JOIN SPACE.

Once you join the space, you're ready to send notes to the space.

5. On the note page, craft your message (notes have a 60-character limit) and change a color if you'd like.

6. Tap Send, and your note will appear in the space's inbox.

5. Open the space inbox and send the note to the canvas

Back on the touchscreen, you can find the note in the space inbox. Here's how to move the note from inbox to the canvas:

1. Tap the space inbox to open it.

Once open, the inbox displays the notes, media, and files that have been sent to the space.

2. Tap and drag the note onto the canvas.

3. From there, you can tap on the note to open its menu. This allows you to change the color of the note or rewrite your message. You can also tap and drag the note around the canvas as you like.

6. End the session

Well done! You've successfully completed your first NodesNow session. When you're ready, you can exit the space and return to the dashboard.


  2. If you'd like save your work, scan the QR code. Or tap Leave without saving.

Next steps

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