Use the space inbox on the touchscreen

Learn how to move content from the space inbox to the canvas on the touchscreen

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The inbox is your repository for content in spaces. From it, you can move content to the canvas to arrange and present. This article describes how to use the inbox in a space.

Open the inbox

To open the inbox:

  • Tap the inbox icon at the lower-right corner of the canvas.

Once open, the inbox displays the notes, media, and files that have been sent to the space.

Note: When new items are sent to the inbox, a notification represented by a number will appear on the inbox icon.

Move a single item to the canvas

  1. Within the inbox, tap and hold the item you want to move to the canvas.

  2. Drag it to your preferred spot on the canvas.

  3. Release your finger or the stylus to position the item.

Note: Items transferred from the inbox to the canvas will no longer appear in the inbox.

Move items to the canvas in bulk

You can also simultaneously move multiple items from the inbox to the canvas.

  1. In the inbox, tap Select to activate multi-select mode.

  2. Select each additional item you want to move to the canvas.

  3. After selecting the items you want to move, tap PLACE SELECTED or drag a note to the canvas and the rest of the selected items will follow.

Sort items in the inbox

By default, the inbox sorts items by user. However, you also have the option to show only notes or media. To do so:

  • Tap Notes or Media in the inbox.

Close the inbox

To minimize the inbox:

  • Tap the collapse icon at the top of the inbox.


  • Engage with the canvas in any manner (start drawing, move a note, etc.), and the inbox will close.

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