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What is NodesNow?
What is NodesNow?

Get a high-level overview of NodesNow and how it improves meetings and collaborations

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NodesNow is an all-in-one meeting platform with everything teams need for effective collaboration.

What can you do with NodesNow?

Use one solution for the whole process

With NodesNow, you can plan meetings, collaborate with teammates, and follow up on meetings in one place, so everyone is on the same page from start to finish.

  • Before meetings: Invite collaborators, assign pre-meeting tasks, and set up workspaces.

  • During meetings: Work seamlessly together aided by a suit of tools designed to keep your team, focused, engaged, and productive.

  • After meetings: Assign follow-up tasks and send meeting summaries and reports.

  • Asynchronously: Keep collaborating even after meetings—workspaces are always live.

Collaborate from anywhere—in person and around the world

NodesNow supports in-person, remote, and hybrid collaboration, so your team can sync up from anywhere.

  • Work together in person on the NodesNow touchscreen.

  • Connect to the meeting space remotely with the desktop web app.

  • Share with the group with the mobile app.

  • Communicate using Microsoft Teams—integrated into every NodesNow space.

Work smarter

NodesNow is informed by modern meeting methodologies and also supports them—making it straightforward to follow effective workflows.

  • Get methodology and workflow suggestions based on meeting goals.

  • Apply methodology-specific templates.

  • Stay on track with NodesNow's timer.

Get AI-powered assistance

With NodesNow, you don't have to be an expert facilitator to conduct effective meetings. The AI-powered Meeting Wizard is there to help.

  • Use semantic reasoning and smart card sorting to group and rank ideas after a brainstorming session.

  • Let NodesNow's smart air sensors and advanced algorithm suggest breaks so you can get more done in the long run.

Why use NodesNow?

Inclusive hardware

Every aspect of NodesNow's touchscreen—from the camera to the microphone to the display itself—has been optimized to provide a superior experience for all participants.

Optimized software

Some collaboration software provides comprehensive software but leaves it up to users to take full advantage of it. NodesNow isn't that. It suggests effective workflows to make sense of the data and draw conclusions.

Robust security and privacy

NodesNow prioritizes data protection, providing robust security and privacy measures.

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