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NodesNow for iOS and Android: Your guide to the NodesNow mobile app
NodesNow for iOS and Android: Your guide to the NodesNow mobile app

Everything you need to know about using the NodesNow mobile app

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The NodesNow mobile app is a powerful tool for both facilitating and taking part in productive collaborations. Connected to a NodesNow touchscreen, it enables you to participate in fruitful workshops, create your own collaboration spaces, present them to your team on a NodesNow touchscreen, and much more.

In this guide, you'll start by getting the app and taking a tour around it. Then, you'll learn how to use the app as a meeting participant or a collaborator in a NodesNow space. Finally, you'll learn how to use the app as a meeting facilitator. Let's get to it!

Downloading the NodesNow mobile app and signing up

To get started with the NodesNow mobile app, download it and register for an account or sign in with your social credentials, if you haven't already. Here's how:

1. Get the NodesNow mobile app

The NodesNow mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices on the Apple App Store and Google Play, respectively. Download it here:

2. Register for a NodesNow account or sign in with social credentials

After installing the app, register for a NodesNow account or sign in with your Google, Microsoft, or Apple credentials. This gives you access to the complete functionality of NodesNow.

Register for a NodesNow account

  1. From the app's welcome screen, tap LOG IN.

  2. On the sign-in page, tap Register now.

  3. On the registration page, enter your details, read and agree to the terms and conditions, and tap REGISTER.

  4. Check your email and follow the instructions in the verification email.

  5. Return to the app's sign-in page page and log in.

You can now start using NodesNow.

Sign in with a Microsoft, Google, or Apple account

  1. On the app's welcome screen, tap LOG IN.

  2. Tap the social account you want to use to sign in with.

  3. Follow the instructions in your social account to complete your setup.

  4. Grant NodesNow access to your basic account information to ensure a seamless sign-in process.

You're ready to start using NodesNow.

Getting to know the mobile app

The mobile app is designed so you can start collaborating as quickly and seamlessly as possible. This section walks you through the various sections and functions of the app.

3. Take a tour of the app

The NodesNow app features several key screens, which you can reach by tapping the icons at the bottom of the home screen. Skipping the blue + button in the center (which you can use to create a new space), they are from left to right:


The home screen is designed so you can conveniently create new spaces, connect to the touchscreen, and present spaces on the touchscreen.


Use the spaces page to manage and access your spaces.


Find articles, offers, and announcements on the updates page.


Get support, set permissions, learn more about NodesNow and our privacy policies, and log out or delete your account on the more page.

Using the mobile app as a meeting participant or collaborator in a space

Everything you need to share your ideas in NodesNow spaces is contained in the mobile app. This section describes how to connect to other people's spaces and share content with them in the app.

4. Connect to a space

Most likely, your first interaction with NodesNow will be as a meeting participant. Before you can share notes and media with your collaborators, you'll need to connect to the space where the meeting is taking place. Here's how:

To participate in a space with the app, you need an invitation in the form of a QR code or a URL and PIN.

Note: Currently, if you use the URL on a mobile device, you'll be directed to a mobile web browser, when you can only send notes after you sign in and enter the space's PIN. The directions below are for using a QR code.

Once you have the space's QR code, follow these steps to connect to the space.

  1. Open the NodesNow app and tap Scan QR TO CONNECT.

  2. Scan the QR code code on the touchscreen.

  3. Enter the 6-digit PIN displayed on the touchscreen and tap CONNECT TO SPACE.

  4. Once in the space, you can send notes and media to it.

5. Send content to a space

Collaboration is all about sharing, and here's how to do it, whether you're sending notes, images or videos from your device's gallery, or even taking a new pictures or video and sending it to the space.

Send a note to a space

  1. Ensure that you have connected to the space.

  2. Tap the note icon.

  3. Type a message and tap a color to change its color if desired.

  4. Tap Send or the send icon to send the note to the space's inbox.

Send images and videos to a space

  1. Ensure that you have connected to a space.

  2. Tap the gallery icon and allow NodesNow access to your media files.

  3. Select the images and/or videos you want to send to the space and tap Add.

  4. Tap SEND MEDIA to send them to the space's inbox.

Take a new picture or video and send it to a space

  1. Ensure that you have connected to a space.

  2. Tap the camera or video camera icon and allow NodesNow access to your camera.

  3. After you're done taking a picture or video, tap OK to send it to the space's inbox.

Using the mobile app as a meeting facilitator or presenter

As a meeting facilitator, you'll create spaces, invite people to them, and present your spaces on a NodesNow touchscreen. This section shows you how.

6. Create a space and invite people to it

Creating a space is the first step toward leading engaging, productive meetings. After you create one, you can set it up, invite people to it, present it on a NodesNow touchscreen during sessions, and revisit it for subsequent meetings or follow-ups.

Let's start with how to create a space, name it, and add a description.

a. Create a space

  1. Open the NodesNow app and tap the + icon.

  2. On the space's content sharing screen, tap > to open details about the space.

  3. Tap Edit to update the space's name and description.

  4. After renaming the space and adding a description, tap Save.

b. Invite people to the space

  1. To invite collaborators, return to the space's content sharing screen.

  2. Tap the participants icon.

  3. There, you have three ways to invite people to your space:

    1. Tap Invite to open your contacts and select people to send an invitation to.

    2. Tap SHARE INVITE to send invitations using your device's social apps.

    3. Tap the duplicate icon to copy the invitation details and manually paste them into other apps.

7. Connect the mobile app to the touchscreen

Now that you've created a space, added details about it, and invited people to it, you're ready to present it on the touchscreen. The first step is connecting to the touchscreen. Here's how:

Note: To set up a space before a meeting, see our guide to the NodesNow desktop web app.

  1. On the touchscreen or desktop dashboard, tap Generate QR code.

  2. Back in the NodesNow mobile app, tap SCAN QR TO CONNECT to open your device's camera.

  3. Scan the QR code you generated on the touchscreen to connect.

8. Present a space on the touchscreen

Now that you're connected to the touchscreen, you can open any of your spaces on the touchscreen. Here's how:

  1. Select the Spaces icon to view your list of spaces.

  2. Tap the name of the space you want to open.

  3. In the space's content sharing screen, tap >.

  4. Tap PRESENT SPACE ON DEVICE to open your device's camera.

    Your space will now appear on the touchscreen.

Next steps

Congratulations! If you've gone through this guide, you're ready to contribute to productive collaboration in NodesNow.

9. Learn more about the NodesNow ecosystem

Now that you know how to use the NodesNow mobile app, check out our guide to the web desktop app so you can participate in and lead collaboration from there, and get comfortable on the NodesNow touchscreen by trying this getting started guide.

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