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Invite people to space using the mobile app
Invite people to space using the mobile app

How to invite participants to a space and share space invitation details with your collaborators

Updated over a week ago

Want to invite people to collaborate with you in a NodesNow space while you're on the go? There's no need to wait to invite them from a NodesNow touchscreen or the desktop web app. Use the mobile app to invite collaborators to a space and they'll be able to join from the NodesNow mobile app, desktop web app, and mobile web app immediately. Here's how:

  1. On the space's content sharing screen, tap the participants icon.

  2. There, you have three ways to invite people to your space:

    1. Tap Invite to open your contacts and select people to send an invitation to.

    2. Tap SHARE INVITE to send invitations using your device's social apps.

    3. Tap the duplicate icon to copy the invitation details and manually paste them into other apps.

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