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Invite people to a space using the touchscreen
Invite people to a space using the touchscreen

How to invite participants to a space and share space invitation details with your collaborators

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Want to invite people to collaborate with you in a NodesNow space while you're at the touchscreen? You'll need to share the space's QR code, URL, and passcode your collaborators can join you from the NodesNow mobile app, desktop web app, and mobile web app. Here's how:

  1. Create or open a space on the touchscreen.

  2. Tap JOIN REMOTELY on the canvas to display the space's invitation QR code and URL.

  3. Direct remote participants to use the invitation URL and space passcode to access the space via the NodesNow web app. Encourage all participants to scan the QR code so they can connect to the space on their mobile devices.

Using these credentials, your collaborators will now be able to join you in the space.

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