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Sending notes & media to spaces
Send notes to a NodesNow space with a mobile web browser
Send notes to a NodesNow space with a mobile web browser

How to share your ideas with your collaborators by sending notes to spaces

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Using NodesNow on a mobile browser is a convenient way to participate in NodesNow meetings. However, you are limited to sending notes to spaces, which we'll cover in this article. There are two parts:

  1. Connecting to a space

  2. Sending notes to a space

Note: Gain more functionalities when you get the NodesNow mobile app.

1. Connect to a space

  1. Using your mobile device:

    • Scan the QR code for the space you're collaborating in.


    • Enter the space's URL into a mobile web browser.

  2. On the NodesNow sign-in screen, register for an account, sign in with your Microsoft, Google, or Apple account, or tap Continue as a guest.

  3. In the space's waiting room, input the space's PIN and tap JOIN SPACE.

    Once you join the space, you're ready to send notes to the space.

Send a note to the space

  1. Craft your message (remember, notes have a 60-character limit).

  2. Optionally, select a color for your note.

  3. Tap Send, and your note will appear in the space's inbox.

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