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Using NodesNow on mobile web browsers
Using NodesNow on mobile web browsers

An overview of using NodesNow on mobile versions of Chrome, Safari, and other web browsers

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Using NodesNow on a mobile web browser, such as Chrome or Safari, offers a convenient way to participate in meetings or workshops. Whether you're joining a spontaneous brainstorming session or are signed up for a planned series of workshops, collaboration is just a few taps away.

Key features of NodesNow on mobile web browsers

  • No downloads: There's no need to install anything. Just sign in and connect to the collaboration space to start sharing.

  • Quick access: Sign in as a guest, sign in using your Google, Microsoft, or Apple credentials, or register for account to get started.

  • Send notes: Effortlessly send notes to a space from your mobile device.

  • Secure meetings: We prioritize your security and that of your collaborators by ensuring all participants sign in with a verified account.

How-to guides

Want to unlock more features? Download the app and you can:

  • Send images, videos, and more to spaces.

  • Create new spaces and invite collaborators.

  • Open spaces on the desktop web app and present spaces on the touchscreen to lead meetings.

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